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awesome, kool bands

bands that rock our socks

bands that rock our socks
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hey this is a community where people can advertise different bands that they have discovered or enjoy and talk about them with others, so have fun!


1.no majorly foul language

2.be nice to others. just because you hate their favorite band doesn't mean you have to bring it up everytime you comment or post

3.update!!! if you look at the community and no one has posted in a while, please just post something to keep the community from dying. i can't tell you how many times i've been looking for a community to join and then no one posts or the community is already dead

4.don't call band members ugly! you can say how hot someone is, but please don't say that someone is ugly. just think how YOU would feel if someone was saying that about your favorite artist or about you.

5.think before you post!! use that thing inside your head and think about what your entry says. is it extremely offensive? is it just stupid? people can be easily offended and personally i don't want my friends page clogged up with stupid random one word entries that make no friggin sense. so please, think before you post or comment

6.fill out form. new members should (please) fill out this form to let current members know a few things about you.
1. name
2. age
3. fav type of music
4. fav bands/singer
5. fav songs

7.keep entries pretty specific to music...i don't care about what you saw lying on the street, or what your cat threw up....that's just boring or TMI. so please just keep to the music

OK now that you've read the rules, please remember to follow them or i will be very angry with you. rules aren't fun, but they are need for communities to be a happy enjoyable place for everyone. and i'm sorry that i've bored you half to death (maybe even all the way dead) but you know it's important...bye and i hope to see that you've joined!!

music is love
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